Who Am I ?

Hi! I’m Arthur Morgan, aka Monsieur Morgan, but my friends call me Mo.

Picture by Claracornic.photography. Editing by me

I’m a Steampunk personality from France where I built the largest french speaking community. I’ve been talking about Steampunk since 2001. I wrote a couple of books and contributed to a lot of publications in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

I’m also a podcaster and traveler from France. I’m a huge fan of 19th and early 20th century adventurers and explorators and I will share with you my passions for books, movies, odd places and stuff with my distinctive geeky, pulp, vintage touch.

With this website I will report my quest to be a full time travel writer.

I can also help you build your tour in France and Southern Belgium on any topic, so feel free to contact me !

I have a longer bio if you want 🙂

Author: arthur

Arthur Morgan is a writer, traveler, speaker and podcaster from France. He has been talking about Steampunk since 2001. His interests range from 19th century fiction to urban fantasy. He loves to read Dracula in a hot bath with a good craftbeer.

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