Le Guide Steampunk

Le Guide Steampunk

Le Guide Steampunk
Le Guide Steampunk

Gigantic machines propelled by steam, gentlemen with top-hats and monocles, ladies wearing crinolines and parasols… the steampunk aesthetic never ceased to captivate since its creation in the 80’s. But what are its origins ? What are the major books, movies and comics?
Written by Étienne Barillier, undisputed specialist of the genre, and Arthur Morgan,  co-founder of the French Steampunk community, this guide paints an accurate vision of today’s steampunk with interviews of  Tim Powers, K.W, K. W. Jeter, James Blaylock, or Greg Broadmore.





Imprint: ActuSF
ISBN: 978-2-917689-49-3
Pub­lish­ing Date: 2013
Page Count: 312
Language: French

Avail­able in book­stores and online.

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Arthur Morgan is a writer, traveler, speaker and podcaster from France. He has been talking about Steampunk since 2001. His interests range from 19th century fiction to urban fantasy. He loves to read Dracula in a hot bath with a good craftbeer.

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