Friday Find #1 : The last Globemaker

Copyright Bellerby Globemakers

Meet Peter Bellerby of Bellerby Globemakers. His company is the last to make hand-made globes.
In the early 00’s, Peter was looking for a globe for his father’s 80th birthday but couldn’t find anything. He then decided to make one himself and set up a company to poduce these beauties.

Read an in-depth article about Bellerby Globemakers on Atlas Obscura.

An old favourite photo & continuation of #GlobeFacts Lithuania, part IV. . **.Interesting Lithuanian Superstitions**. . Don’t whistle indoors. It’s bad luck to whistle inside, since it’s believed to call evil little devils. . Want to get married? Don’t sit at a corner. Apparently only true for unwed ladies, sitting at the corner of a table makes you unmarriageable. . Black Bread & Salt. Combined, they’re considered good luck. Visiting guests might receive a small token, or newlyweds as well wishes for their future together. . White storks are the national symbol of Lithuania and children still believe storks bring babies. For a very good reason, though: Lithuania is home to over 13,000 pairs of storks. . Lithuanian is spoken in: Argentina, the U.S., Norway and Uruguay, to name a few. . The Republic of Uzupis in Vilnius has a statue of Frank Zappa as a replacement for a communist statue and a symbol of artistic freedom. . Basketball, not football, is the most popular sport. It makes sense- many Lithuanians are tall and lanky. . #LithuaniaFacts Source : Globes :

Une photo publiée par Bellerby & Co Globemakers (@globemakers) le

Follow Peter’s journey on the company’s blog.

Peter Bellerby // The Globemaker from Cabnine on Vimeo.

How these Globe were made in 1955?

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